In today's landscape of ever-evolving and complex threats, SOC teams face multiple challenges to identify, protect, detect, remediate and recover from cyber incidents. Security analysts are getting drained with alerts day in day out. They have to perform time-consuming tasks like removing false positives, performing repetitive responses, and keeping up with alerts from different security tools. They find it difficult to coordinate with multiple security products deployed in the most effective way. Also the enablement of junior or new analysts remain a challenge. SOC Managers face tough time in quantifying the ROI that security tools bring to their SOC. The constantly face SLA pressures along with struggle to reduce MTTR. Finally, the issue of the skills gap always remain; any senior analyst leaving the organization can result in a fatal loss of expertise and a step back for the SOC.

The AttackFence platform helps organisations to reduce their security incident MTTR from days to minutes by adding orchestration, automation, investigation, response and remediation layer to their existing cyber security infrastructure, with ground breaking log signalling technology. AttackFence increase the efficacy of SOC & incident management teams with effective incident management and threat hunting by automatically investigate the incident, collect all the validated facts, create & enforce containment response and initiate the threat remediation procedures.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Security Incident

Security Operations



AttackFence log signalling engine ensures logs are avilable during the investigation. We enrich the events and alerts to eliminate the noise, pre-fetch the threat intelligence at machine speed. We create an evidence to support decision-making and prioritize the most critical events for L3 Analyst case manager which is an integral part of the solution helps the customers to lower the overall mean time to resolve(MTTR) by following the Change Management Processes.


  • Investigate With EaseInvestigate With Ease
  • No Blind SpotNo Blind Spot
  • Disolvable AgentDisolvable Agent
  • Virtual patchingVirtual patching
  • Custom Signature as RequiredCustom Signature as Required
  • Reduce Operational CostReduce Operational Cost
  • Contain and RemediateContain and Remediate
  • Root Cause analysisRoot Cause analysis
  • Threat HuntingThreat Hunting


AttackFence enables the security teams to investigate possible malicious activities at a faster pace to minimise the response time. It performs investigative security actions from the Mission Control interface without losing context of the investigation such as submitting files to a sandbox and query threat intelligence services. AttackFence response is not just limited to containment of host but also remediate it.


AttackFence provides unified window of analyzed, benign and remediated data by orchestrating automation, investigation, containment and remediation capabilities that allow analysts to offload repetitive tasks and focus their attention on making the most mission-critical decisions. organizations are able to improve security and better manage risk by integrating teams, processes and tools together. With AttackFence, security teams can further simplify SOC functions including event and case management, collaboration and reporting.



Replay allows cutomers to investigate the entire attack in single pane of glass. Hence, the investigated alerts/events are represented with its complete lifecycle. AttackFence harness the capability of an Enterprise Security solution using log signalling and its complex correlate events with available back data (monthly/yearly) in a completely automated way which includes the entire process tree, timeline, and all activity across machines to increases the visibility of an organization security team thoroughly.

replay of attack life cycle
replay of attack life cycle replay of attack life cycle
replay of attack life cycle


We have harnessed the capability of SOAR and Advance Detection and Response in Attackfence to address your objective and goals from cyber security standpoint. Our network sensor and analysis engine together helps us to predict and investigate attackers' behaviour patterns, enabling us to detect and stop never-seen-before attacks.